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We are always looking for talented, creative, passionate individuals to join the EEG team. Interested? Fill out the form on our site to get started.

Production Manager

The production manager is responsible for realizing the visions of the producer and director. This involves coordinating the operations of various production sub-disciplines including costuming, stage management, load in and load out procedures, lighting, sound, atmosphere and safety.

In addition the production manager must have knowledge of communications, logistics, venue booking, contract creation, scheduling, trello app talent portal management, mending delay problems and workplace safety.

Main tasks as follows:

  • Planning and organizing production/talent schedules
  • Creating talent contracts
  • Understanding of client contracts
  • Negotiating client inquiries
  • Liaising with clients (potential) and marketing sales staff
  • Packing of costumes and equipment for events
  • Completion of management report after every event
  • Determining and upholding quality control standards
  • Supervising the work of junior staff
  • Organizing monthly training sessions based on market trends and upcoming events
  • Responding to company emails when CEO is away.

Client Acquisition Manager – Commission based

Responsibilities and purpose of this role is to help EEG meet sales and revenue goals. Tasks include designing plans to achieve these goals and create strategies to combat potential revenue losses.  Research and Networking must be performed to identify new potential clients.

  • Market EEG services to prospective businesses and high-net-worth client
  • Identifying opportunities for marketing services offered by the company
  • Perform administrative follow-ups to resolve customer problems
  • Research potential client's portfolio and industry to be prepared in negotiations
  • Build business-to-business partnerships with clients
  • Follow up with clients post event with survey (survey money).  Make note of positives and areas we can improve.

Office/Social Media Manager

Responsibilities include scheduling meetings and appointments, getting office supplies, providing general administrative support as it pertains to client relations and web/media.  Media management will include 15 minutes/day of Instagram engagement to be predetermined by CEO as well as creating Social Media Campaigns that correlate with upcoming events and workshops.

Main tasks include:

  • Keeping files in order
  • Reviewing management and talent reports after events
  • Emailing clients one day after the event with our feedback form
  • Contacting clients with a prompt to review us on “”
  • 15 minutes/day 5 days/week with instagram engagement
  • Working with CEO to determine planoly posts and marketing tactics for the month
  • Personal tasks that CEO might need help with.

Event Manager

Responsible for managing events and enduring deadlines and budgets are adhered to.  Directs coordination of activities to prepare for the day of the event.

Main Tasks Include:

  • Coordinate details of events such as conferences, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, charity events, surprise parties, trade shows, sales meetings, business meetings, employee appreciation events and virtual events
  • Train and educate staff on proper event procedures
  • Adjust budget for last minute add-ons when necessary
  • Prepare event timeline and send out information to talent via email and Trello
  • Work with guest of honor/client day of event to ensure all requests are met.
  • Transport costumes and relevant props to event
  • Send out post event questionnaire to talent, manager(s) and client
  • Ensure staff is adequately prepared for event.
  • Ensure day of event goes smoothly.
  • Set up talent and specialty acts/props prior to event
  • Give final approval for items such as costuming, music and performance space


If you are talent wishing to work with Elite Entertainment Global please send your headshot, bodyshot, resume and reel to (new email addy)

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