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Aerialists for Los Angeles Events

Decorate your event’s airspace with aerial artistry from Elite Entertainment Global. No matter the theme or scope of your occasion, our aerialists add a touch of glamour to Los Angeles’ most elaborate events. From exhilarating acrobatics to aerial violinists to atmospheric entertainment, our talented aerialists provide elegant and enthralling performances that will render your guests speechless.

Our aerial acts include  Aerial Violin, Duo Cube, Umbrella, Silks, Lyra (Hoop), Lollypop Lyra, Hammock, Spanish Web, and Aerial Bartending, all of which are customizable to your event with LED options and themed designs. Our aerialists have the flexibility to perform above land, over pools, in trees, and even in the tiniest of spaces. Dream big—our expert team will find a way to deliver. Regardless of the specific apparatus or performance type, our aerialists display style, grace, and impressive physical feats you won’t want to miss.


Artistic Pours from Aerial Bartender Professionals

Enhance your next product launch, award night, or VIP party by shaking up your idea of traditional bartending. Elite Entertainment Global offers aerial bartender services to keep the drinks flowing and the guests entranced. Our aerialist hangs from a chandelier rig or—other requested apparatus—and serves champagne, a specialty cocktail, or beverage of your choice to the guests below.

It’s bar service and live entertainment in one glamourous pour. We set the ambience with completely customizable costumes and set designs to make your event truly unforgettable. Book now for an evening of elegance and an impression that lasts.

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