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Bubble Sphere: Los Angeles’ Premiere Water Performers

Elite Entertainment Global’s professional water performers are guaranteed to impress your guests. Perfect for a wide array of Los Angeles’ events, our Bubble Sphere Act showcases the peak of our talent with a customizable performance themed to your celebration. Suited for land or water, our performers display enchanting dance and acrobatic routines from within a floating translucent sphere tailored to suit your venue’s unique needs.

Whether floating on water or gliding on land, our artists exhibit their impressive flexibility and fluidity to enchant your guests with an alluring performance. Our costuming, makeup, and music is tailored specifically to your event to create an atmosphere that compliments the occasion. When we pair your vision with our expertise, the creative opportunities are endless.

Bubble Sphere
Bubble Sphere

Bubble Sphere Novelty Acts

Elite Entertainment Global’s Bubble Sphere Act will leave your guests in awe and you, the talk of the town. Intriguing, mesmerizing, and completely one-of-a-kind, our dancers gracefully balance and bend within an elegant sphere to create an enthralling visual experience and a showstopping event.

Equally committed to artistry and professionalism, we are the only company to certify our artists in Bubble Sphere performance and water safety. We also have our own lifeguard and aquatics manager for additional protection and guaranteed success. Select a 1-3 hour booking with contortionists and/or dancers for an entrancing evening to remember. Book now to secure your talent.

Bubble SphereGroup CandidBubble SphereBubble SphereBubble SphereKelsie Flower BridgeMari StraighbendBubble Sphere
Bubble SphereGroup Sitting PoolBubble SphereBubble SphereBubble SphereMari Flower LoungeBubble Sphere
Bubble ColourBubble SphereBubble SphereBubble SphereMari Bubble NeedleBubble SphereBubble Sphere
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